It all starts with a name

Ver -ko-ssa

Our name seems like one of those quirky words that's pulled out of a hat. In fact, we went through many coffees before choosing Vercossa. For us it was important for it to be memorable. It needed a soul and a root to it. The word comes from the Finnish word verkossa, which translates to online, web and being part of a network. It not only symbolises what our business is all about but it also has a sound to it that we all thought was fitting. 


A small, experienced team

Every once in a while you come across a small business that really wants to help you. We are that company. Vercossa is a small team, passionate about the web. We have years of experience in building functional websites that work for your audience. For us it's about helping people realise their online presence. This gives us motivation and the passion to move forward. Let's talk!

Our approach

1. Planning & Strategy

We begin projects by exploring your needs. What goals should your website achieve and how can the website be made in such a way as to maximise your ability to reach those goals? We ask: what is a successful website to you? Your website should fit right within the wider strategy of your organisation and not be standalone component.

Who is your audience? Your brand? What content will your site have and where does it come from? Competing websites? These are some of the crucial questions we ask when learning about you.

2. User Interface Design

The second step is for us to get a sharper perspective on how your website will actually be structured. Just like a building's blueprint, we lay out the different pages and the navigation on a sitemap diagram, giving us a clearer idea of the size and structure of the website.

We analyse your content requirements more in depth: What content do you have? What new content will you intend to have? Who is responsible for this content creation? How will it be displayed on the website?

A survey may be used to obtain feedback on the early blueprints of the site.

3. Design & Build

The walls go up! The paint is sprayed! This is where creativity sets into motion and is driven by all the planning, strategy and user interface design. The website is designed, first with wireframes and then design mock-ups and finally with the actual web pages and functionality.

The build of the website involves ensuring the website functions as intended. This includes ensuring consistency across the website as well as making sure the dynamic components all work. The content is placed in the website, making sure it sits on the page as planned.

4. User Testing

The audience using the website are the real critics. We obtain feedback from surveys and conduct usability testing to find out if the intended audience actually gets critical tasks completed on the website. This involves identifying imperfections in the design, build or structure and making tweaks to help improve usability.

This process goes through an analysis and recommendations and changes are made accordingly until the site is ready for delivery - and ready to greet the world!

5. Support

After a successful website launch we provide support to you. This may involve training on the use of the website or a Q&A on anything you may have questions on.

On-going support is provided to clients who require maintenance, advice and consultancy as well as those who envision their site to grow in scale and scope.

Registered company in England and Wales. Company No. 08442863.
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